iPhone Cover

Phonecover for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8
All phonecovers are made of 100% recycelt PP (Polypropylen) plastic. The plastic is collected from local enterprises and housholds then getsshredded, heated and pressed in its new shape. Because of that, every single handmade phonecover is unique in its color.


– 100% recycelt material
– Made in Germany
– durable and high safety for your phone
– Plastictype: PP
– Weight: 25 g
– Materialthickness: 2,5mm
– Plastic from local enterprises and households
– every phonecover is a unicum

Polypropylen is used in various products, such as shampoo bottles, yoghurt cups or flowerpots etc. Instead of throwing them in the garbage when they are used or damaged we give them a nem beautiful shape and meaning! With buying one of our phonecovers, you help making the world a little bit cleaner.

Some of our colors called (from left to right): Berry-mix, Red-marble and Flowerpower
SOTOP-logo on a phonecover
Phonecovers made from flowerpots




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