About us

„Solution-to-Pollution-Recycling“ is a young enterprise founded by Manuel Maeder, Benjamin Krause and Nadina Maeder. We are three students living in the south-western part of Germany. Manuel (20) and Benjamin (21) just started their studies in mechatronics and Nadina (21) ist currently in the 5th semester in International Business Management. With our products produced out of 100% recycled plastics we want to contribute as much as possible to the protection of the environment and the climate.

Nadina, Manuel and Benjamin

At the beginning of 2018, we had the idea to produce new plastic products out of local plastic waste with as much recycled elements as possible.

We informed ourselves about recycling processes and what happens in huge industrial recycling plants was scaled down to our needs. Therefore we established the required facilities and began with the construction of the machinery.

Our basic principle, apart from the original products, includes also the use of as much recycled materials as possible for the construction of the machinery and the packaging. Our self-made machines consist mostly of components we found on local scrap yards and run with 100% renewable energy.

Where the magic takes place… our supersize, 4 sqm workshop.

SOTOP Recycling produces phonecovers for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 with a sustainable process. Plasticwaste which is not recycelt becomes a serious problem all around the world. Although you can make high quality products out of plasticwaste, in most countries plastic is hardly recycelt and so less then 10% worldwide is used again after it has been thrown away. We want to develop alternative solutions for the conventionel use of plastic, giving waste a new sense. Every new hardcover from us means less plastic waste and less new plastic produced. Support us and spread the message of how easy it can be to do something for the enivronment and climate. We hope you could get some new impressions about sustainability and plastic recycling,

Your SOTOP-Team.


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